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MCT Mifare Classic Tool – Windows version


One click dump converter – android mifare classic <–>  linux/windows nfc- mfc classic

Converts Mifare classic tool dump to nfc mfc classic dump and conversely To use : Simply run the app : mct2dmpGui.exe then, open the input dump by clicking on “Convert” and save the converted file This app use dotnet framework 4.7.2 and you can download it in release menu : https://github.com/xavave/bm-mifare-classic/releases … Continue reading

Scrabble resolver

I’ve coded a small windows software to resolve best words/scores on scrabble/wordswithfriends   free download here : https://github.com/xavave/Sharp-Scrabble-Resolver/releases

Mifare one tool english version (NFC tool)

Update January 2020 –> new tool — > http://legacy.averbouch.biz/mct-mifare-classic-tool-windows-version/ MifareOne Tool (set of tools that I’ve translated from chinese) fork from https://github.com/xcicode/MifareOneTool native russian version also available in software settings I’ve translated Mifare – one tool to english and updated libnfc dll and some exe utils to x64 –> https://github.com/xavave/MifareOneTool-English/ … Continue reading

how to cross compile libfreefare examples for windows with Msys2/Mingw64

this is working good in 64bits with msys2 (mingw64 shell): [crayon-5f6ea5844a1af550783388/]   and I had also to comment CmakeLists.txt, lines 41,43,44 to not force 32 bits [crayon-5f6ea5844a1b5360042994/] to download, use recaptcha then click on download button

Nfc tools on Windows

les outils NFC pour windows

Mifare one tool (english)

NFC toolset windows forms app

Scrabble resolver

un petit logiciel sur windows pour trouver les meilleurs mots/scores