Libnfc and nfc utils binaries on Windows 10


I’ve recently cross compiled libnfc and nfc utils , following this post :

I had a driver issue with my ACR122U, but using LibUsbK instead of libusb0, – btw i’ve also installed libusb in C:\Program Files\LibUSB-Win32 –

solved the problem

Here are the working  binaries and the acr 122U LibusbK driver installer :

Link to binaries (rar archive)

I’ve also translated Mifare – one tool to english and updated libnfc dll and some exe utils to x64 –>

proxy socks via tunnel SSH avec Synology, Putty et C# .NET

Following this nice tutorial (quite old but good anyways ) :

Here is the same thing, but aotumatised in C#: don’t forget to replace YOUR_SYNOLOGY_DNS_OR_IP_HERE  with your synology address or DNS name

and also your syno admin password instead of  YOUR_SYNOLOGY_PASSWORD_HERE

you can’t slightly change code to not have to type your password every new connection (Console.ReadLine()…and remove:

Master Data Services Excel Add-in Query updater


This small tool allows you to Load, Edit, and save MDS queries with operators that are not available in current mds add-in
you can download the source code (.Net C# 4.0 Client Profile, VS2010) of my tool here (FREE) HERE


binary only: HERE

very easy to use:

Load your already generated query

then choose a new Operator and edit the criteria

and then save the updated query

you can use all these operators:
[Description(“”)] NotSpecified,
[Description(“=”)] IsEqual,
[Description(“<>”)] IsNotEqual,
[Description(“LIKE”)] Like,
[Description(“NOT LIKE”)] NotLike,
[Description(“>”)] GreaterThan,
[Description(“< “)] LessThan, [Description(“>=”)] GreaterThanOrEqual,
[Description(“< =”)] LessThanOrEqual,
[Description(“MATCH”)] Matches,
[Description(“NOT MATCH”)] NotMatches,
[Description(“REGEX”)] ContainsPattern,
[Description(“NOT REGEX”)] NotContainsPattern,
[Description(“IS NULL”)] IsNull,
[Description(“IS NOT NULL”)] IsNotNull,
[Description(“IN”)] In,
[Description(“NOT IN”)] NotIn,
[Description(“DIRECT DECENDANTS”)] DirectDecendants,
[Description(“ALL DECENDANTS”)] AllDecendants,

More info on sql mds 2012 MSDN blog

Master Data Services : Display entity members with good sort order when code is numeric

a MDS user recently asked me this question:

When looking at entity contents via web UI in the column code, 10 and each code that starts with 1 (10,11..19) always goes before 2 and so on. Is there any way to fix it? I don’t believe that’s the right order.



so I’ve started to investigate..

first (easy solution)

the easiest way is to add at least one zero before code “1” and code  “2” and so on

but if your code size is huge, you will have to add a lot of “0” behind your code

so I’ve tried to find a custom hack in MDS stored procedure: and finally I’ve found it 🙂

second (hard way) solution:

after a few search on google, I’ve found this post :

but I had to find where to place this code hack

after a few search on mds (by sorting entity members in Web UI and looking at SQL profiler)

i’ve found that a call was made to this stored procedure:


after looking into udpEntityMembersGet, I’ve found that another stored procedure was called : mdm.udpMembersGet, a huge one!

so I’ve tried to update this SP code and finally it works!

be carefull, this hack could slow down the entitymembers get request, and it is only for testing purpose, and if you update MDS with cumulative update, it could be erased!

you just have to replace every instance of (there should be 3 of them) :






 right click here and ‘save as’ to download the customized stored procedure


Complete programmatic WCF service client wrapper in C#

Hi,the goal of this class was to avoid to use a app config file for the WCF object model so as to not have to restart my application (MDSManager) when updating endpoint url it is now done and you can update the endpoint on the fly!

 note: this post is based on Steve Wilkes’ article (see here)

 download the latest version of this class file (right click and ‘save as’ )


private void DisposeExistingServiceClientIfRequired() { if (this._serviceClient != null) { try { if (this._serviceClient.State == CommunicationState.Faulted) { this._serviceClient.Abort(); } else { this._serviceClient.Close(); } } catch { this._serviceClient.Abort(); } this._serviceClient = null; } } update october 29 : added 2 catch blocks so as to catch the REAL error message, please see this post:

and your app.config “serviceModel” section will be reduced to: (and could be reduced even more..)

update details (@Oct 16,2011):

programatic bindind in C#

update 2011/10/19: added a binding type switch

Master Data Services : Business Rules Copy / Import / Export (Cross Model)

updated article (Oct 2011)

(code refactored)

Hi All,

One other missing feature of MDS is Import / Export / Copy Business rules from a model to another (or copy business rules to the same model)

my code is still in beta, but it is already (partially) working.

you can find it on my “MDS Manager” tool on codeplex:

Get business rules from modelId, quite easy with service client method “business rules get”, returns a business rule set

                //new type needed to avoir error because serialization of an inherited class                 XmlSerializer xs = new XmlSerializer(typeof(BusinessRules), new Type[] { typeof(Common.ServiceReference1.BRAttributeValueArgument) });
//update oct 2011!
//new type needed to avoir error because serialization of an inherited class

update oct 2011 code for BRActionsInstanciate, BRConditionsInstanciate,BRConditionTreeNodesInstanciate