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This simple tool allows you to wrap a folder and build an MSI package from it. (usefull for SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager or other purposes)
You can also create a desktop shortcut to the selected exe or other file in this folder.
You can also run an exe after msi installation and install per user or per machine (all users).

you can change :
– product version (defaut
– « upgrade code » which is the application identifier
– although its name could confuse, « product code » is different for any version so is more like a version identifier
– desktop shortcut icon (drag and drop icon image on the icon picture box)


This Winform software is coded with C# dotnet 4.5  and uses WixSharp and wix toolset binaries Nuget packages

How to use : 

Click on browse  to pick up the folder  to turn into msi (or drag and drop it !), then choose your desired options and click on « Build msi » to save the new created msi package. all simple !

Download :

Binaries  (msi Installer package) : Link

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4 réponses à (English) Folder / Executable to MSI (free wrapper)

  1. Very good! Just what I was looking for!


  2. Rob dit :

    Hi Xavier,

    I tried to use your MSI wrapper, but run into error « Cannot package ManagedCA assembly(C:\Program Files (x86)\Free Msi Wrapper\WixSharp.dll) ».

    I installed on a Windows 10 (default install folder). What am I doing wrong?

    Kind regards Rob

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