Master Data Services : Copie / Import / Export des Business Rules (Inter modèles)

updated article (Oct 2011)

(code refactored)

Hi All,

One other missing feature of MDS is Import / Export / Copy Business rules from a model to another (or copy business rules to the same model)

my code is still in beta, but it is already (partially) working.

you can find it on my « MDS Manager » tool on codeplex:

Get business rules from modelId, quite easy with service client method « business rules get », returns a business rule set

                //new type needed to avoir error because serialization of an inherited class                 XmlSerializer xs = new XmlSerializer(typeof(BusinessRules), new Type[] { typeof(Common.ServiceReference1.BRAttributeValueArgument) });
//update oct 2011!
//new type needed to avoir error because serialization of an inherited class

update oct 2011 code for BRActionsInstanciate, BRConditionsInstanciate,BRConditionTreeNodesInstanciate

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2 réponses à Master Data Services : Copie / Import / Export des Business Rules (Inter modèles)

  1. Miron dit :

    Posted a few weeks ago some methods that could help.

    In my experience attempt to save a business rule with all properties and collections failed. I had to create business rule, could think of it as header. This is how you would create business rule in UI, too. And than add one section at a time actions and conditions. I have also added an initial call to get all entities interested in, cache those and lookup in collection using link, which speeds up creating business rules quite a bit. Please let me know how I can contact you, if you are interested. Thank you, Miron.

  2. Scott Pedersen dit :

    Great work, this will come in very useful for business rule changes that need to be migrated between environments.

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