Libnfc and nfc utils binaries (cross compile mfoc.exe , cropto1_bs.exe, mfcuk.exe, nfc-mfcclassic.exe) for Windows 10

Nfc Tools on Windows – Table of contents

  • Introduction –> link
  • How tu use ACR122U with libusbK –> link
  • Mifare One Tool English –> link
  • How to cross compile NFC commands on Windows 64 bits –> link
  • Sharp Free fare (libfreefare dotnet wrapper) + sharpNfc update –> link
  • libnfc compiled with lib usb 1.0 for Windows –> link
  • One click dump converter : android mifare classic tool  <–>  linux/windows libnfc nfc- mfc classic –> link
  • download all tools in one zip file –> link


I’ve recently cross compiled libnfc and nfc utils , following this post :

I had a driver issue for using libnfc/nfc utils with my ACR122U (No NFC device found issue), but using LibUsbK, solved this problem.

  • How tu use ACR122U with libusbK –> link

Here are the working  binaries on windows 10 64x and the acr 122U LibusbK driver installer

  • mfoc.exe, mfoc_hardnested.exe, mfcuk.exe, nfc-mfcclassic.exe, cropto1_bs.exe, nfc-list.exe, nfc-scan-device.exe, …
    • Compiled binary files (mfoc.exe, mfcuk.exe + mfcuk hardnested.exe, cropto1_bs, …) –> link 
    • Compiled binary mfoc hardnested version –> link
    • Compiled binary files : libnfc 64 bits – zip  (nfc–mfcclassic.exe, nfc-list.exe, …) –> link
  • if you get an error : missing libwinpthread-1.dll or missing libgcc_s_seh-1.dll, these dll are included  in download link in this section


How tu use ACR122U with mfoc ,cropto1_bs.exe, mfcuk.exe, nfc-mfcclassic.exe on windows 10 ?

To use most of the exe tools I’ve cross-compiled, you may need to install libusbK driver which is a wrapper over ACR-122U native driver :

  1. Install Native driver can be found here :  –> MSI Installer for PC/SC Driver
  2. You can download libusbk here:
  3. Install Libusbk driver


After installing libusbK driver, the ACR122U will show NO light, and NO sound when putting a tag on it. It’s normal, and the sound and light will come back if you unsinstall libusk Driver filter


How to cross compile NFC commands  on windows 64

Mfoc ( cross-compilation for windows :

on Linux Ubuntu using :

content of :


Cropto1_bs ( cross compilation on windows : (compiled on windows 64 with msys2: –> x86-x64 version)

note : to install gcc on msys2 you can follow this post :

command :

mfcuk ( cross compilation for windows from ubuntu or Mingw64: :

nfc-mfcclassic (

cross compilation for windows from ubuntu:


new on 7 january 2020 : mfoc hardnested windows 64x version, based on


commands used for cross-compilation : (some small changes had to be done in source files before compiling – e.g. for fixing make install errors and update version name)

(in windows mingw64) :

fixing mfoc compile errors when running make install :

  • fatal error : nfc/nfc.h : No such file or directory

  • – copy libnfc\include\nfc folder to mfoc\src\ folder and edit mfoc.c file in mfoc.src:

replace :


  • fatal error : err.h : No such file or directory

  • copy  libnfc\contrib\win32\err.h to to mfoc\src\ and edit file nfc-utils.h in mfoc\src\

replace :

with :

and re-run :

  • if no error then ,mfoc.exe should now be created in mfoc/src directory

  • test screenshot :

Sharp free fare – 2020 january 15th

I’ve also updated C# library wrapper for sharpNfc and Sharp free fare, now based on cross compiled libnfc.dll and libfreefare.dll:

2020 january 17th : libnfc fork – working with libusb1.0 on Windows 64

I’ve now cross-compiled libusb1.0 on windows 64 using this :

Then I’ve compiled and built (after some fixes in #include ref in source code), libnfc fork – working with libusb1.0 :

note : I’ve only defined ACR122 usb driver for compilation, no other driver


Mingw64 cross-compilation command :

  • edit nfc.c –> return “1.7.0 LIBUSB10”;

  • compile –>

  • build –>

Download working with libusb 1.0 for Windows 64:

content of libusb zip file :

Download libusb-1.0.dll and dependencies for Windows 64:

To use : Simply run the app : mct2dmpGui.exe then, open the input dump by clicking on “Convert” and save the converted file

This app use dotnet framework 4.7.2 and you can download it in release menu :

The app will automaticaly detect if it’s a Mifare classic tool dump or a nfc-mfc classic dump

download sources/binaries on github –>

new on 2020 – jan – 22 : All tools Zipped in one file including latest nfc-mfcclassic with C option and tool : nfc detect chinese magic card and also libnfc_crypto_crack.exe –>

zip content :




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19 Responses to Libnfc and nfc utils binaries (cross compile mfoc.exe , cropto1_bs.exe, mfcuk.exe, nfc-mfcclassic.exe) for Windows 10

  1. YIN PO LIN says:

    I have tried to compile nfc utils by myself on window 10 for serveral days. I tried many many times, but failed at last. Today I found your blog, and downloaded libusbk and nfc tools. Now I can finally use my ACR122U reader on windows 10! Thank you.

  2. Anthony says:

    Bonjour, Superbe travail.
    Je suis à la recherche ou voir si c’est possible de faire un emulateur qui dès la détection d’un badge va copier la valeur où se trouve le curseur de l’ordinateur.
    Auriez-vous cela en stock?

  3. Marucins says:

    Do you still read messages from this post?
    Because I have a question for You. 🙂

    I wonder if your tool will support such a device?
    MTools All-In-One PN532 (

    MTools All-In-One PN532 uses these drivers

    The file “mfoc.exe” from your package sees the NFC reader. But the whole package “MifareOneTool-English version 1.7.7204” has a problem with this.

    What else do I need to install (which driver) for the device to be detected?

    Thank You for your help.

  4. Eru says:

    its ok only need libusbk for it runs.
    well man thx a lot it saved to me few hours

  5. Eru says:

    Hello, in a first thx for your efforts.

    I have a question, las package with all exe, are they up to use or need solve dependencies?
    Thx again

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