Master Data Services : Business Rules Copy / Import / Export (Cross Model)

updated article (Oct 2011)

(code refactored)

Hi All,

One other missing feature of MDS is Import / Export / Copy Business rules from a model to another (or copy business rules to the same model)

my code is still in beta, but it is already (partially) working.

you can find it on my “MDS Manager” tool on codeplex:

Get business rules from modelId, quite easy with service client method “business rules get”, returns a business rule set

                //new type needed to avoir error because serialization of an inherited class                 XmlSerializer xs = new XmlSerializer(typeof(BusinessRules), new Type[] { typeof(Common.ServiceReference1.BRAttributeValueArgument) });
//update oct 2011!
//new type needed to avoir error because serialization of an inherited class

update oct 2011 code for BRActionsInstanciate, BRConditionsInstanciate,BRConditionTreeNodesInstanciate

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2 Responses to Master Data Services : Business Rules Copy / Import / Export (Cross Model)

  1. Miron says:

    Posted a few weeks ago some methods that could help.

    In my experience attempt to save a business rule with all properties and collections failed. I had to create business rule, could think of it as header. This is how you would create business rule in UI, too. And than add one section at a time actions and conditions. I have also added an initial call to get all entities interested in, cache those and lookup in collection using link, which speeds up creating business rules quite a bit. Please let me know how I can contact you, if you are interested. Thank you, Miron.

  2. Scott Pedersen says:

    Great work, this will come in very useful for business rule changes that need to be migrated between environments.

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