Master Data Services Excel Add-in Query updater


This small tool allows you to Load, Edit, and save MDS queries with operators that are not available in current mds add-in
you can download the source code (.Net C# 4.0 Client Profile, VS2010) of my tool here (FREE) HERE
binary only: HERE

very easy to use:

Load your already generated query

then choose a new Operator and edit the criteria

and then save the updated query

you can use all these operators:
[Description(“”)] NotSpecified,
[Description(“=”)] IsEqual,
[Description(“<>“)] IsNotEqual,
[Description(“LIKE”)] Like,
[Description(“NOT LIKE”)] NotLike,
[Description(“>”)] GreaterThan,
[Description(“< ")] LessThan, [Description(">=”)] GreaterThanOrEqual,
[Description(“< =")] LessThanOrEqual, [Description("MATCH")] Matches, [Description("NOT MATCH")] NotMatches, [Description("REGEX")] ContainsPattern, [Description("NOT REGEX")] NotContainsPattern, [Description("IS NULL")] IsNull, [Description("IS NOT NULL")] IsNotNull, [Description("IN")] In, [Description("NOT IN")] NotIn, [Description("DIRECT DECENDANTS")] DirectDecendants, [Description("ALL DECENDANTS")] AllDecendants, More info on sql mds 2012 MSDN blog

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