Master Data Services : Business Rules Copy / Import / Export (Cross Model)

updated article (Oct 2011)

(code refactored)

Hi All,

One other missing feature of MDS is Import / Export / Copy Business rules from a model to another (or copy business rules to the same model)

my code is still in beta, but it is already (partially) working.

you can find it on my “MDS Manager” tool on codeplex:

Get business rules from modelId, quite easy with service client method “business rules get”, returns a business rule set

                //new type needed to avoir error because serialization of an inherited class                 XmlSerializer xs = new XmlSerializer(typeof(BusinessRules), new Type[] { typeof(Common.ServiceReference1.BRAttributeValueArgument) });
//update oct 2011!
//new type needed to avoir error because serialization of an inherited class

update oct 2011 code for BRActionsInstanciate, BRConditionsInstanciate,BRConditionTreeNodesInstanciate

Master Data Services : Cross Model entity Copy

Hi all,

One of the missing things in MDS is the cross-model entity copy

here is a API usage example for copying an entity from a model /version to another (or even copy an entity into a new model with a new entity name).

you can download the complete source code of my codeplex tool including this sample on :

note: if source entity contains domain based attributes, and if the target model does not contain the domain based attribute parent entity, the attribute type will automatically converted to “Freeform” instead of “Domain based attribute”.