SONY WALKMAN NWZ – E435F/E436F/E438F & E353/E354/E355 – NWZ-X1050/X1051/X1060/X1061 & NWZ-E463/E463HK/E463K/E464/E464K/E465 sound unlocking

After a few hours of intensive search of  Sony NWZ-E438F walkman service manual, I have finally found it

how to unlock sound volume ?
with french region settings, sound volume is blocked to 20 (from  20 to 30, raise volume has no effect!)

I) enter “test mode”:

1- switch the walkman on
2 –  press button  “BACK” for one or two seconds, in order to display home menu
3 – put the walkman in “HOLD” position
4 – while button “OPTION” is pressed :
press, in that order :

4 – a) for E435F/E436F/E438F:


4 – b) for E353/E354/E355:

5 -entering test mode !

II) change country parameters

– a new menu “MPTAPP” is displaying

– press 3 times on down arrow in order to select “OTHER

– press once on right arrow in order to select “CLOCK” on right column)

– press 4 times on down arrow in order to select “DEST“, then press button ” PLAY/PAUSE

now you can see  “DEST” and below : “FR” (or your country name), press 5 times “OPTION” button so as to change country and select “US” (United States) instead of the old country

press then button “PLAY/PAUSE” and you will be able to see “DEST OK“, instead of “START

country settings are now saved. press “BACK” button to get back to test menu.

press now once on left arrow to go from “DEST” to “OTHER
Then press 5 times on down arrow to select “EXIT

press once “PLAY/PAUSE”, to select “SURE?” and then press “PLAY/PAUSE” again

walkman should switch automatically off and on


now from volume 20 to 30, the sound is raising

for NWZ-X1050/X1051/X1060/X1061 : I cannot test the procedure because I don’t have these walkmans but you can try to enter in/exit test mode with


NWZ-E463/E463HK/E463K/E464/E464K/E465 : I don’t have this sony product neither, but you can enter “test mode this way : please read this New post


you can find the service manuals I’ve got , here :