Libnfc and nfc utils binaries (cross compile mfoc.exe , cropto1_bs.exe, mfcuk.exe, nfc-mfcclassic.exe) for Windows 10


I’ve recently cross compiled libnfc and nfc utils , following this post :

I had a driver issue for using libnfc/nfc utils with my ACR122U (No NFC device found issue), but using LibUsbK, solved this problem.

Here are the working  binaries on windows 10 64x and the acr 122U LibusbK driver installer.

How tu use ACR122U with mfoc ,cropto1_bs.exe, mfcuk.exe, nfc-mfcclassic.exe on windows 10 ?

To use most of the exe tools I’ve cross-compiled, you may need to install libusbK driver which is a wrapper over ACR-122U native driver :

  1. Native driver can be found here :
  2. You can download mifareonetool-english here, it contains libusbKdriver and all required exe (mfoc, mfcuk, cropto1_bs , …)
  3. Install usb (k) drivers


Link to executable files/binaries (libnfc 64 bits – zip file) :

in order to download, click on recaptcha then on “download” button

MifareOne Tool (set of tools that I’ve translated from chinese) :

fork from ; native russian version also available in software settings

I’ve translated Mifare – one tool to english and updated libnfc dll and some exe utils to x64 –>

binaries/release here :

Cross compilation commands Linux Ubuntu –> windows

Mfoc ( cross-compilation for windows :

on Linux Ubuntu using :

content of :


Cropto1_bs ( cross compilation on windows : (compiled on windows 64 with msys2: –> x86-x64 version)

note : to install gcc on msys2 you can follow this post :

command :

mfcuk ( cross compilation for windows from ubuntu: :

nfc-mfcclassic (

cross compilation for windows from ubuntu:

Download link (.exe/binary files):

in order to download, click on recaptcha then on “download” button

new on 7 january 2020 : mfoc hardnested windows 64x version, based on


commands used for cross-compilation : (some small changes had to be done in source files before compiling – e.g. for fixing make install errors and update version name)

(in windows mingw64) :

fixing mfoc compile errors when running make install :

  • fatal error : nfc/nfc.h : No such file or directory

  • – copy libnfc\include\nfc folder to mfoc\src\ folder and edit mfoc.c file in mfoc.src:

replace :


  • fatal error : err.h : No such file or directory

  • copy  libnfc\contrib\win32\err.h to to mfoc\src\ and edit file nfc-utils.h in mfoc\src\

replace :

with :

and re-run :

  • if no error then ,mfoc.exe should now be created in mfoc/src directory

download with dependencies

  • In order to download, click on recaptcha then on “download” button
  • test screenshot :

2020 january 15th

I’ve also updated C# library wrapper for sharpNfc and Sharp free fare, now based on cross compiled libnfc.dll and libfreefare.dll:

2020 january 17th : libnfc fork – working with libusb1.0 on Windows 64

I’ve now cross-compiled libusb1.0 on windows 64 using this :

then I’ve compiled and built (after some fixes in #include ref in source code), libnfc fork – working with libusb1.0 :

note : I’ve only defined ACR122 usb driver for compilation, no other driver


Mingw64 cross-compilation command :

  • edit nfc.c –> return “1.7.0 LIBUSB10”;

  • compile –>

  • build –>

Download working with libusb 1.0 for Windows 64:

content of libusb zip file :

Download libusb-1.0.dll and dependencies for Windows 64: