Free Folder 2 Msi : Generate Msi setup from a folder with this console application

I’ve made a new windows Console program to generate msi file from a folder , to create a setup easily this project is coded in C# langage uses free Nuget packages : Wixsharp / Wix, and ImageMagick to transform images to icons (if you need a program icon when generating … Continue reading

Tutorial – Easy Run dotnetcore C# Console app on Synology NAS with Docker

You want to run a C# app on your NAS ? read this! Prerequisites: – A computer with Visual studio (2019 or later) installed, – A synology NAS which can run docker  , and docker installed on it 🙂 Phase 1 : With Visual Studio, on your computer First Create … Continue reading

proxy socks via tunnel SSH avec Synology, Putty et C# .NET

Following this nice tutorial (quite old but good anyways ) : Here is the same thing, but aotumatised in C#: don’t forget to replace YOUR_SYNOLOGY_DNS_OR_IP_HERE  with your synology address or DNS name and also your syno admin password instead of  YOUR_SYNOLOGY_PASSWORD_HERE you can’t slightly change code to not have to type … Continue reading