Cubase 5 and Guitar Rig 4 – Rig Kontrol 3 : Wah foot Pedal automation recording

1. Create a new cubase project (or open an existing one)

2. add an audio track for your Guitar

3. Check that audio device (Input/Output) (Rig Kontrol 3) is well configured

4. insert effect: Guitar Rig 4


5. select an effect with foot pedal (example: Crazy Talk)

6. Display Rig Kontrol in Guitar Rig

7. Open “Native Instrument Controller Editor” in “Native instruments” folder (in Program Files)
– select the foot pedal image, and choose “Poly  Pressure” in “Assign” Tab
don’t close “Native Instrument Controller Editor” while recording

8. In Guitar Rig, right click on talk wah and select “Cleanup Automation List” (in order to refresh automation effects list in cubase)

9. In your Cubase guitar track, click on “volume” and then, select “More…”

10. In “Ins.”/”Guitar Rig 4”, Select “Talk-Wah Mouth”

11. enable Read (Green “R” Button”) And Write (Red “W” button)
You can now record your foot pedal automation while recording guitar track !

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3 Responses to Cubase 5 and Guitar Rig 4 – Rig Kontrol 3 : Wah foot Pedal automation recording

  1. Dotty says:

    This post has helped me think things thogurh

  2. Nick says:

    I got it! forgot to hit the R and W buttons! thank you so much for posting this my friend, it helped me so much!!!!!

  3. Nick says:

    Hi Xavave, thanks for the help here, I am trying really hard to get this to work. My name is Nick Schrader and I am almost recording my solo album and I really need to get it finished soon and I really need help!! I followed the instructions you have here but the wah still does not record, I am still able to control the wah when I press play and listen to what i just recorded. do I need a midi track? please help me!! I would greatly appreciate it!! thanks.

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