NWZ-E463/E463HK/E463K/E464/E464K/E465 sony walkman sound unlocking


here is a new post about these models:

How to use the destination setting tool
Note 1: Please use this tool after closing other application software.

Model : NWZ-E463/E464/E465

Destination setting (DEST)
The destination setting, language information, and sound pressure
regulation information are written in the NAND fl ash memory.

Note: Not used for the servicing.

Nevertheless, you can try the testmode with the service manual here:

(I will NOT be liable to you for any damages, including without limitation, direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages that may occurs to your product)

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10 Responses to NWZ-E463/E463HK/E463K/E464/E464K/E465 sony walkman sound unlocking

  1. jo says:

    Oui je suis paumé aussi, j’aimerais bien ce logiciel pour mettre à jour le pays d’utilisation.

    En ce moment bloqué sur “J” Japan, j’aimerais le rebasculer en “CEW”

    Bah je pense que je n’y arriverais pas …

    …need help ?

  2. Yvon says:

    Hi! And for the NWZ-E363 ???? Your tutorial not works !!! Please help me !!!! Thanks a lot !!

  3. Kabass says:

    Moi cela me met dans l’invité de commande que le peripherique n’est pas pret . Quelqu’un peut m’aider ? Merci

  4. indrek says:

    it wont change the spset to OFF .. and in video out it wont let change anything .. i guess i take this sony back to shop!

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