SummerTime Cover (Ella Fitzgerald)

(Isabelle singing, xav à la gratte)

Intro: ||:   Dm6   Am7   :||

A+    Dm6     A7   Dm6      A7        Dm6     A7   Dm6
Summertime,         and the livin' is easy;

A7       Gm7     Bb6 Gm7        BbM7  Fdim  A    E7+9   A   Am7
Fish are jumpin',       and the cotton is high.

    A7-5    Dm6  A7 Dm6          A7         Dm6  A7  Dm6   G7
Yo' daddy's rich        and yo' mama's good-lookin',

     F          Dm     G    Gm7     Dm       Dm+7   Dm6   A7
So hush, little baby, don't    you cry.

A+            Dm6     A7  Dm6              A7      Dm6   A7 Dm6A7
One of these mornin's,       you're gonna rise up singin';

              Gm7          Bb6   Gm7  
You're gonna spread your wings 

    BbM7 Fdim     A    E7   A   Am7
And take  to the sky.

    A7-5       Dm6    A7  Dm6         A7        Dm6   A7   Dm6
But 'til that mornin',        ain't nothin' can harm you

G7     F        Dm    G     Gm7  Dm
With daddy and mammy stan - din' by.

Instrumental Coda:

A7   Bb9   A7   Dm
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