Tutorial – Easy Run dotnetcore C# Console app on Synology NAS with Docker

You want to run a C# app on your NAS ? read this! Prerequisites: – A computer with Visual studio (2019 or later) installed, – A synology NAS which can run docker  , and docker installed on it 🙂 Phase 1 : With Visual Studio, on your computer First Create … Continue reading

upgrading the synology DS 107 firmware to 4.2 or more

upgrading the synology DS 107 firmware to 4.2 or more

synology DS107 latest official firmware is (and should officially remain) 3.1 ( DSM_DS107_1613.pat ) But.. you can upgrade it to 4.2 firmware! how to ? 1) connect to your diskstation web interface: (typically : http://diskstation:5000/webman/index.cgi) 2) activate TELNET/SSH in Control Panel/Network Services/Terminal 3) if you don’t have Putty (free Telnet … Continue reading

umbrella (mandy moore cover)

Cadd9  G   Dsus4  Em7(x2) [VERSE 1]     Cadd9                            G    You had my heart, and we’ll never be worlds apart          Dsus4                       Em7        Maybe in magazines, but you’ll still be my star            Cadd9                    G  Baby cause in the Dark, You can see shiny Cars                     Dsus4 And that’s when you need me … Continue reading

Juliette Katz – L’antidote ( cover)

  Encore un de perdu, sans un, dix retrouvés A peine connu déjà évaporé Encore un en transit, encore un de passage Encore un qui te quitte, tu tournes la page Mais ton cœur mandarine, on l’épluche trop souvent T’as des airs d’héroïne, d’un mauvais roman Et tes princes d’opérette … Continue reading